If the Earth is sick… so am I!

In this book you will find …

Martin and his cat Pelon went out for a walk. But they found black smog from cars, a brook where nothing and no one can live, and plastic rubbish strewn everywhere and the deafening noise of machines.

-We’ve all heard of pollution.
“I have. Have you?” Martin asked Pelon.

“I’m sure pollution also makes us ill and destroys the Earth,” Martin thinks.

-Do you want to find out who’s responsible? Go ahead!


Author: Hanulddang

Ilustrator: Jeong-seok Baik

Age: 6 to 9 years

Subject: Pollution, environmental issues.

ISBN: 978-607-95370-1-2

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 37 p.

Format: 22 x 27 cm

Chosen for the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) classroom library program.

In the MIDE (Interactive Museum of Economics) was selected for review in the new hall on Sustainable Development.

Rights not for sale.

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