Lucas, el dinosaurio feliz
Lucas, the happy dinosaur
8 April, 2011

Where do dreams come from?



In this book you will find …

Who has never wondered where dreams come from? To learn the answer, a girl and her mother say some magic words and fly off into the air.

On their journey, they will witness unimagined events. Among Colored Lights, Stellar Winds, Stars, and Clouds, they will discover the Moon and his Lady; the Ancestral Mother, and the Huntresses of mad, truly mad, dreams … But, will they find the answer?

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Author: María de Jesús Nieto Andrade

Adaptor: Zoraida Vásquez Beveraggi

Ilustrator: Claudia Esmeralda Ríos Rodríguez

Age: 8 to 10 years

Subject: Children’s literature

ISBN: 978-607-95370-6-7

Publication Year: 2011

Pages: 33 p.

Format: 26 x 19 cm

Binding: Hardcover

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